3-1-2013 Some people admirably try to attend a major league baseball game in every park in the country, or try to play the top 100 public golf courses. My own passion has been to visit art museums, exhibitions and iconic architecture wherever I have been fortunate to travel to. To date, through school, work and play, I have enjoyed amazing art experiences in Abakaliki, Nigeria; Addis Ababa, Ethiopia; Akron, Ohio; Ann Arbor, Michigan; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Athens, Ohio and Greece; Atlanta, Georgia; Avebury, England; Baltimore, Maryland; Basel, Switzerland; Bath, England; Boston, Massachusetts; Boulogne, France; Brugge, Belgium; Budapest, Hungary; Buffalo, New York; Burlington, Vermont; Cairo, Egypt; Capri, Italy; Chadd's Ford, Pennsylvania; Chamonix, France; Charlotte, N. Carolina; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Cologne, Germany; Columbia, South Carolina; Columbus, Ohio; Corfu, Greece; Cleveland, Ohio; Dallas, Texas; Dayton, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; Detroit, Michigan; Dusseldorf, Germany; Ephesus, Turkey; Florence, Italy; Frankfort, Germany; Ft. Worth, Texas; Geneva, Switzerland; Harare, Zimbabwe; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Honolulu, Hawaii; Houston, Texas; Hyde Park, New York; Istanbul, Turkey; Khartoum, Sudan; Las Vegas, Nevada; Lausanne, Switzerland; London, England; Los Angeles, California; Louisville, Kentucky; Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts; Matamoros, Mexico; Memphis, Tennessee and Egypt; Minneapolis, Minnesota; Montreal, Canada; Montreux, Switzerland; Nantucket, Massachusetts; Naples, Italy; New Orleans, Louisiana; New York, New York; Orlando, Florida; Oxford, Ohio; Paris, France; Pisa, Italy; Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Phoenix, Arizona; Providence, Rhode Island; Provincetown, Massachusetts; Quebec City, Canada; Rome, Italy; Samos, Greece; San Antonio, Texas; San Diego and San Francisco, California; Siena and Sorrento, Italy; St. Paul, Minnesota; Tampa, Florida; Toledo, Ohio; Toronto, Canada; Tucson, Arizona; Vancouver, Canada; Washington D.C.; Windsor, Canada and England; and Yaounde, Cameroon.


6-22-13 Come visit Pittsburgh Center for the Arts' annual outdoor art market, yART, in Shadyside, on Sunday, June 23. Come visit Carl of ShoeyARTS in booth #44 to discuss your next artisan framing or art research project. Lots of other fun vendors and attendees, plus park-like setting and great food.


9-10-2013 A highlight during a vist to NYC this summer was taking in the gorgeous show, New Harmony: Abstraction Between the Wars, 1919-1939, at the Guggenheim. What an absolutely pivital and exciting period that was, w/ the emergence and exploration of non-representational art. Pieces by seminal artists such as Klee, Calder, Giacometti, etc. etc. reminded me once again of how powerful and influential DeStijl, Russian Constructivism, Freudian thought and the Weimar Bauhaus truly were, and of course, still are.


9-10-2013 Do some readers remember how exciting the Stones' Satanic Majesties Request album was, when it first came out? Their amazing answer to Sgt. Pepper's! Remember how cool the lenticular cover and liner notes collage were? Well, I was fortunate to see the original artwork this summer at The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Cleveland.